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Created: August 06, 2005

Hello, and welcome to one of LiveJournal's few WWE Icontest community. Your moderator here is shinku, so feel free to drop a comment on my personal journal with any kinds of questions or concerns. Please read over the rules and I hope you join, and get other people to join!

[ - - - - -[ RULES ]- - - - - ]

1. Only talent employed by the WWE/WWF are valid icon subjects. They may be past employed, or currently employed. They must have been involved with the WWE at some point in time.

2. Only one submission allowed per person per week unless stated otherwise.

3. You can only submit your own work, and no one elses. If you are caught doing this, you will be disqualified.

4. You cannot post your icons submitted for the contest anywhere else until that weeks voting is over with. You cannot vote for yourself!

5. When submitting, you must submit in this fashion:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
URL: http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y188/vanityangelx/Graphics/wwe.gif
Wrestler: Chris Jericho

[ - - - - -[ WINNERS ]- - - - - ]

Week o1: Stephanie McMahon: jonessodafolk
Week o2: Dark: jonessodafolk
Week o3: Couples: cses3911
Week o4: Finishing Moves: shinku
Week o5: The Rock: shinku & cherrycokerocks (tie)
Week o6: Champions: psycgurl
Week o7: Stacy Keibler: cses3911
Week o8: ????: TBA
Week o9: ????: TBA
Week o10: ????: TBA

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